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Laleh V. Hanks

Founder and CEO of The America Choice Network

Forced out of the employee benefits industry in 2001 due to the 9/11 attack, I made my way into the wide, wide world of mortgage lending. Since then, I have been elbow-deep in the fast-paced mortgage and real estate market. No stranger to industry fluctuation, I professionally survived yet another market crash. The 2006 real estate crisis was a substantial setback for all involved. Thankfully, resilience is part of my DNA. Through quick and thoughtful business adjustments, I found myself landing on my feet, time and time again.  

I am thankful to be living my American Dream. I work hard and play hard. My two children and I love getting outdoors, spending time with our friends and family, and attending our home church. I seek out opportunities to connect with my community as often as possible. I have been known to host community-based events as well as attend. I am my happiest when I am able to give back. 

We all deserve the chance to see our American Dream come true. It is my aspiration to help as many as possible on the road to achieving theirs.  I have instilled this mission into the foundation of my company and the fiber of my staff. We live by our company core values! Honesty & Integrity, Knowledge & Growth, Excellence & Reputation, Legacy & Wealth, Teamwork & Efficiency. If you we do not leave you feeling empowered, we have not done our job.

Cherie Carey​
Loan Officer

Loan Officer of many years in San Diego and state wide. Always services each client with integrity and transparency.

Danaelle Rodriguez​
Executive Project Manager​

Danaelle is a fresh new face here at America Choice Mortgage. Even so, her contributions to the team have been substantial! Implementing innovative systems and seeing projects through to their fullest potential, she is a force to be reckoned with and a key player in the day-to-day operations of America Choice Mortgage. She looks forward to contributing to the growth and expansion of The America Choice Network. As a “big-picture” thinker, she is looking to forward to a bright future with the America Choice Team.

Mike Butcher​
Operations Manager​

Mike Butcher was born and raised in Missouri. He traded the farm life for the sunny beaches of Escondido, Ca. He and his wife have been married for 28 years and together have raised 3 beautiful children. Mike’s strategic approach to his position at America Choice Mortgage has made him a vital asset to the daily operations of the America Choice Mortgage staff. He has been finding ways to increase the effectiveness & efficiency of Operations for the last 2 decades.  Mike is focused & dedicated to finding a better way to do everything that he touches. He excels at taking on & accomplishing the tasks no one else wants & has been instrumental in our success.

Britney Warwick Jr.​​
Processor and Realty Assistant​

Britney is one of 4 siblings! She attributes much of her teamwork ethics to be raised in a big family. From a young age Britney was taught the importance of commitment. Academics, sports, and church events kept her and her siblings busy and on a firm foundation. Her parents instilled the belief that, “possibilities are endless, when you set your heart and mind to it”. This principle has allowed her the chance to discover her gifts, talents, and strengths; she has brought all of that and more to the America Choice Mortgage team. She continues to pursue her passion of working in real estate, while being an asset to the America Choice Realty team. She dreams of owning/managing vacation rentals, showcasing her knack and passion for providing people an unforgettable vacation experience.

Mohammad Alaee​​

Mohammad keeps America Choice Mortgage in tiptop shape when it comes to numbers. His honest, responsible, and strong-willed nature lends him perfectly to this position on our staff. When he is not crunching numbers or creating finical reports, Mohammad enjoys getting out into the beautiful outdoors here in San Diego. Him and his family, Wife of 18 years and 14-year-old son, enjoy mountain climbing, hunting, and hiking. He is a firm believer that Mother Nature is our greatest teacher.

Shellyann Gibson​
Listing Assistant​

Shellyann is making the transition from full-time Dental Hygienist to full-time Real Estate Agent. Freeing herself from financial limits and time constraints of her 9-5, Shellyann is dedicated to her Real Estate studies and her on-the-job training. In addition to working more than full-time to achieve her professional goals, she is also a proud and wonderfully supportive mother to her three children. As a family, they enjoy spending LOTS of time outdoors hiking, biking, and exploring. We are grateful to have Shellyann and her hard-working work ethic on our America Choice Realty Team.

Anthony Arias
Project Manager

Anthony is our go to guy for getting the job done! Whatever that may be, Anthony has the skill set and knowhow to tackle to any assignment. He continues to refine his abilities Mortgage through training, event planning, and networking. His most recent contribution has been to implement a Health & Wellness Program for our main office staff. Making our employees are eating right and feeling healthy.

Guifre Mora​
Loan Processor ​

Guifre, called G around the office, is dedicated to productivity and proficiency. Self-proclaimed “Document Ninja”, Guifre is driven to work hard for our clients. His continued focus on his professional growth is unmatched, taking advantage of every learning opportunity that comes his way. With 20 years’ experience in the Hospitality Industry, G brought his client-centered service skills to the Mortgage Industry. Organized, enthusiastic, and razor-sharp, G is an integral part of the America Choice Mortgage team!

Our Core Company Values...

Honesty &

Treating every client and coworker as we were ourselves. Engaging in constructive communication.

Knowledge &

Helping empower our clients with information and improving our own personal and team education.

Excellence &

Striving to be the best in our industry and leading by example with reliability.

Legacy &

Providing the tools and resources to reach a well-rounded successful American dream.

Teamwork &

Collaborative work ethic with consistent improvements in system and technology.

The America Choice Team is here to help

Our dynamic team strives to help people every single day discover their possibilities in owning property and increasing their financial freedom. We don’t stop until people either discover these opportunities and enjoy the gains or learn more about how real estate is beneficial for their future. Don’t hesitate contacting us for any information or inquiry because we are always available and your time matters to us. We speak English, Spanish and Farsi.


America Choice Mortgage has contributed to charities, created events and organized entertainment because of the connections we have made. We appreciate every person in our path and work hard to create opportunities for others. Come be a part of dream building today!


Building relationships is just as important as building our financial futures. We thrive on the friends we made along the way and try to make a point to enjoy each passing moment.

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    Contact Us here and one of our specialists will be in touch with you shortly.


    Contact Us here and one of our specialists will be in touch with you shortly.